What We Pour

ALBCO Foundry & Machine has the capabilities to pour a broad variety of non-ferrous alloys. All of our alloys are poured using sound foundry practices.

A chemical analysis of an order is available upon request.

Most Commonly Poured Alloys

Red Brass, C836

Yellow Brass

Leaded Tin Bronze, C932

Tin Bronze, C903, C905, C907

Manganese Bronze, C862, C863, C865

Aluminum, 356, 319 sand castings

Zinc-Aluminum, ZA8, ZA12, ZA27

Casting Sizes


Up to 250 pounds

Brass & Bronze

Less than 1 to 2,400 pounds

Explore our Brass and Bronze List

Zinc – Aluminum

Ounces to 500 pounds

Zinc Die Casting Alloys

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