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What We Offer

ALBCO Foundry specializes two processes featuring graphite permanent mold and sand casting. We provide you with a tailored process and unique material combination that allows us to deliver shorter lead times, precise cast tolerances, sharp detail and superior surface finish. Both of our foundries are at the forefront of innovation and we can cast components big or small ranging from ounces to more than 2000 pounds, with quantities in the single digits to multi-thousand per year.

Every new project starts with you. We review your project and carefully determine the best combination of alloy and process selection to meet your requirements. ALBCO Foundry features an in-house mold shop that can produce prototypes and molds in a timely manner.

Download Process Comparison Chart

Download our free Process Comparison chart that compares all of our process castings.


Graphite Permanent Mold

This form of casting works best with zinc-aluminum (ZA) alloy, ZA12. The graphite permanent mold process offers superior design flexibility over traditional forms of casting. ZA coupled with permanent mold provides cast-to-size accuracy that can greatly reduce or entirely eliminate machining and secondary operations. It is the preferred choice over die casting because of lower quantities and lower tooling costs.

Sand Casting

The most common casting process available today. A preferable choice for low volume production or few castings, but is suitable for any quantity, even for very high production using automatic molding equipment. Tolerance capabilities are limited, therefore secondary machining is usually required.

Concept to Completion

ALBCO Foundry provides the services and support you need from start to finish that make us a true single source provider.


CNC Machining

We offer fully machined cast components from our CNC department. Quantities range from one to multi-thousand production runs. Albco can quote from your 2D or 3D drawing files, or can reverse engineer a sample you provide. This results in components that feature high precision, tight tolerances on dimensions and smooth finishes.


Prototyping is quickly becoming an Albco specialty using superior technology and procedures. ALBCO features an in-house mold shop that is capable of producing prototypes and molds using your 3D model to create samples in a matter of days.

Painting & Special Coatings

Give your component a sharp finish. Take advantage of our in-house capabilities or have one of our certified vendors assist to make ALBCO your one stop foundry.

Your success is our mission. Let’s talk and see how ALBCO Foundry can mold your next vision into a reality.