Non-Ferrous Sand Casting

Sand Casting

Albco Foundry produces exceptional nonferrous sand castings using brass, bronze, zinc, and aluminum alloys. This process is cost-effective and ideal for parts of all sizes and quantities.

How Does the Process Work?

We’re unique in that our foundry is versatile to accommodate any and all requests. The team will tailor a casting design around your vision that’s persistent, repeatable and most importantly, keeps your costs low.

The technique of sand casting involves taking tempered sand and packing it around a wooden or metal pattern. The pattern is removed from the sand. The specific alloy is then poured into resultant cavities, and the mold is broken in order to remove the casting.

Advantages of Sand Casting

Inexpensive tooling

Flexibility to produce any size and quantity 

Capacity to cast ferrous materials

No minimum quantity or weight

In stock patterns available for plate or ID/OD tube

3-day expedite available for in-house stock patterns

Our Work

This is a very common form of casting that’s available. As a result, no part is too small or too large, and we can produce quantities ranging from one per year to thousands. Customers can order rough castings or finished to print accompanied by machine inspection reports and a certificate of compliance.


Up to 250 pounds

Brass & Bronze

Less than one pound upwards to 2,400 pounds


Up to 500 pounds

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Explore how non-ferrous sand casting can meet your manufacturing needs.